I survived…

26 Aug

They were here – I survived…I even survived Babygirl being extreeeemly cranky.

There was one thing that really made me open my eyes and go WTF….

One of my step-sisters has three daughters. Her boyfriend (the father) made the comment that none of his daughters are allowed to have short hair. All of the girls have hair that goes past their mid-back.

The oldest is around 9 or so.

Babygirl is 3 and I ask her if she wants her hair short or long! *I* cut it short the first time but the last few times at the beauty salon, she’s chosen to have it cut short!

My step-sister made the comment that the only time the girls got in real trouble was when one of them took scissors and cut part of her hair off….

Does something smell wrong with this?!

I had a hard time hearing that, really…

Then there was the OTHER sibling…the one with quite a few kids. Her oldest has a permit but doesn’t know how to drive stick, so I took her out for a bit. She doesn’t really know how ot drive at all! I may have issues with the sister, but it doesn’t go to the niece, and I told her she can come down and drive our stick anytime she’d like.

She was really, REALLY quiet, and has very poor self-esteem, which made me feel sad.

There were definitely some strange things going on….but it made my dad happy – so happy he tried to give us a twenty!!


What’s the point of family if you have to pay to get someone to do something nice?! He wouldn’t take it back…so we had to sneak it into my mom’s bra strap….:)

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