Mother (*^&%^%&*((!!!

27 Aug

Technology and I are not getting along these last few days.


Scott and I FINALLY suck it up and upgrade to HughesNet (after much debate and teeth gnashing) and decide we can get a router and a laptop for my work – yay! So we get a Linksys router and a Compaq Presario V6000 (which has been the ONLY thing to work like a dream…I heart HP).

Shortly after we set the router up, I noticed that I was having a hard time getting on some site. It’s like the rain in Florida – wait 20 minutes and it would change and I’d be able to get on! Another few hours and I wouldn’t be able to get on. I went onto some forums, asked around, and got advice to change a few things on the Linksys maintenence page. Voila! It worked perfectly.

For a few weeks.

Yesterday it started doing it again, and I know from experience that it’ll get worse very fast. At one point LAST time I wasn’t even able to get on google! So I got onto chat with the Linksys support staff (always easier to type to people overseas than it is to try to understand “BUDDAH BUDDAH BUDDAH”). A friendly man named Raymond talked to me for two minutes and said, “It is a problem with your computer.”

Well BUDDAH BUDDAH you too Raymond!

He gave me two things to try and said to contact my computer’s manufacturer if it didn’t work.

I tried them.

I tried 15 gazillion OTHER things. Nothing worked.

So finally, before I threw it out onto the back porch and let the rain destroy it, I got onto Linksys chat again. This time I got friendly Chastine. Here’s a little snippit of our conversation:

Chastine L. (28846): And the only computer that has problem on it is the laptop right?
Randi: yes – only the laptop – got it at the same time I got the router
Chastine L. (28846): Since the other computer is working fine with the router it has something to do with the computer.
Randi: how does that make sense when it’s fine for a few weeks and then screws up – I believe it’s the wireless connection, not the wired connection, that its a problem on the router
Randi: I purchased the Linksys directly from Amazon and the compaq directly from HP, so they’re both brand new and everything’s updated.
Chastine L. (28846): Do you still have the receipt?
Randi: I believe so – if not I believe I can get it off of Amazon since it came from there
Chastine L. (28846): Have you tried changing channels after updating the firmware?
Randi: yes
Randi: that’s when we changed it to 11
Chastine L. (28846): What about configured the advance wireless setting?
Randi: I changed the numbers are Raymond told me too – in the forums a few weeks ago, someone suggested I change it to 50, and when I did, it worked until the last few days…

So she asks all these questions, and THEN, fifteen minutes later…

Chastine L. (28846): I was able to pull up your chat session with Raymond.
Chastine L. (28846): Since you have not taken yet the firmware update we will update your firmware.
Randi: I updated the firmware after i spoke with Raymond
Randi: wrt54gv8_v8.00.2_fw
Randi: is the one I upgraded to
Chastine L. (28846): It is on the latest already.
Chastine L. (28846): What are the steps you have done after you updated the firmware of the router?
Randi: restarted everything – changed the channel to 11
Chastine L. (28846): How about reset?
Randi: yes – reset the router
Chastine L. (28846): How long?
Randi: a few minutes or so
Chastine L. (28846): The laptop has built in wireless card right?
Randi: yes
Chastine L. (28846): Just to verify when you buy the router is that brand new?

NO SHIT! Didn’t I just say that Chastine?!

FINALL, twenty minutes later…

Chastine L. (28846): I believe you already exhausted all the troubleshooting steps.
Chastine L. (28846): Still wireless connection encounter the same thing.
Randi: yes
Chastine L. (28846): It has something to do with the router.

And Angels sung….

So I am returning the Linksys piece of CRAP and am getting a new router – let’s hope it works…and has English speaking representatives…

Toad and Babygirl both hit the ENT tomorrow morning – Babygirl to check her throat and Toad to discuss his x-ray…why do I have that “dun dun dun” pit of doom feeling inside?!


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