The turtle…

30 Aug

So my shiny, pretty new router arrived today – YAY! I took it out, french kissed it, and set it up. It runs really well right now – it seems like it’s a touch slower than the other one, but I’d rather have slow and steady than fast and fumbling.

In more ways than one!

Babygirl’s preschool teacher came over today, and we gabbed for OVER TWO HOURS. Can you tell I’m starved for adult companionship during the day? Imagine what I’ll be like when I don’t even have Babygirl to talk to anymore! The voices in my head will really have control then!

He’s a great teacher. He’s been teaching preschool for over 20 years and her class is small with only 8 kids! There are two other teachers with him, so the ratio is INSANE! It’s just 2 1/2 hrs a day, four days a week.

“Parents are ALWAYS welcome in the classroom”, he said, “however, one of the things I feel is most important about preschool is the seperation part…it gives you some time away from Babygirl, and Babygirl some time away from you.”

Yes, ladies and gents, I now have permission to take my laptop to the local coffee shop and….and….

wait humbly for Babygirl to get done 🙂


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