31 Aug

Scott and I had a fight last night – here’s the scenario (so that you can tell me if I’m crazy)..

I had a buttload of work to do, but I scheduled things so that I could make supper from 5:00 – 5:30, and have supper from 5:30 – 6:00. (it’s pretty sad when I have to schedule supper, but there it is). Scott came home from work and said that he would take the kids with him to bring the weedwhacker to a co-worker’s house so that it could get fixed. He took the kids at 4 and the house was quiet.

Five rolled around and I started cooking supper.

Five fifteen hit the clock and my sister-in-law dropped by to use the computer and chat.

By five twenty I was LIVID. He’d been gone for way over an hour and supper was almost ready. I looked up the phone number, called, and the wife answered. I could hear a little laugh in her voice, which means she saw the name on the caller ID, and she said, “Hello”.

“Hi – this is Scott’s wife – is he still there?”

*giggle* “Yes.”

“Could you please kick him in the ass and tell him to come home for supper?”

ANOTHER twenty minutes passed before they walked in the door – the co-worker only lives about 8 minutes away. By this point the meat was cooling, the corn had to be re-heated, and the gravy was becoming too thick.

He walks in the door, grins, and says “so you’re going to kick my ass, huh?”

“No, I asked HER to kick you ass to get you home. Can you get the kids ready for supper, please?”

He started washing his hands and we got things together. A few minutes into supper, Babygirl decided that nothing on her plate was good, and started spitting some of it out on the plate. Scott was closer to the paper towels, so I asked him to go get one quickly (I can’t stand seeing food spit out at the table..gross). He picked up his glass and TOOK A DRINK!!

“Never mind, I’LL get it.” I said, as I got up and got paper towels for both of the kids.


Not only did I get to look like a fishwife by calling him to come home, but I looked like a bitch in front of his sister (a close friend of mine), AND I get all stressed out for work (which HE keeps asking me to do more of so we can ‘get ahead’).

We finally talked about four hours later, we talked. He hugs me and says, “you know – I talked to so-and-so at work about how you hold grudges, and he made some comments about how it’s bad for your health to hold grudges. You really need to stop holding grudges…”



Remember that we were going to drive 3 hours each way to pick up the Bowflex on Sunday? I was really looking forward to being with him, just him and I, for a ride. Yeah, it’s a long ride, but we’d be able to have some time together sans kids. HOWEVER….my SIL was babysitting, and I felt really guilty having her babysit for over 6 hours when it was her day off. So I told him that maybe he should see if his sister or her boyfriend wanted to go, so that no one had to babysit. The SIL’S BF has a truck, which would work better anyway.

They called yesterday and said that the BF could go with Scott.

“Good,” he said, “this way you can get some work done while we’re getting the Bowflex….maybe you can head to your mom’s in the morning or something…”

*sigh* I know, I mentioned it, I brought it up, I shouldn’t be complaining…but I was trying to make things easier for everyone, and in doing so made myself even more miserable.


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