Dev Dad and Sitter City

8 Sep

I’ve discovered a blog I didn’t know existed – and a business! The blog is Dev Dad. Dev Dad’s a father blogger (there aren’t that many good ones) who talks about everything in his life. He’s also a techie geek (I wish I would’ve married one of those) who loves to give stuff away. This time he’s giving away this:

How pretty is that?! Now, I’ve never played much with an Imac, but I hear that they’re the “more superior” computer.

What really interested me on his site was this:

A website that focuses on finding reliable babysitters in your area – GENIUS! Sitter City is a website that takes out the worry and work of finding a babysitter that parents can trust. The ONLY problem is that I live in such a rural area that they don’t have any sitters in my area….yet. Hmmm – think they’ll hire me to find good babysitters in this area?! LOL.

If you’re looking to win an imac, head on over to Stay At Home Dad iMac Give-Away, and if you’re looking to read about a decent dad (there are so few of them now a days), head over to Stay At Home Dad, Geek Style.


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