8 Sep

Alright, so I’m not “exactly” dieting – let’s just call it “trying to live better”. But I’m trying to be more aware of what I put into my body. For isntance: should the ice cream go in before, or after the hot fudge?

No, seriously, I know I’m overweight, but with the PCOS, it’s a bitch to lose any. So I’m going step-by-step. First step is to allow Scott to make me work out on the new BowFlex. I need to get a treadmill (which I do enjoy doing, but don’t have the cash for right now), but the BowFlex will have to do.

The next step is to watch what I’m eating. My biggest weakness is the ONE soda I allow myself during the day. I LURVES me some Pepsi, and I let myself have one can a day. I told Scott that I should get back to drinking Pepsi 1, because it’s got no carbs. So, being the sweetie he is, he went out and got me a 12 pk.

Dude – I totally forgot – Pepsi 1 sucks ass…..


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