Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

9 Sep

Alright, this is the THIRD fight that Scott and I are on in less than two weeks. THREE…this is starting to get annoying.

Here’s the situation: last night we were getting a bit…romantic. Now, remember, I’ve been slammed with work lately and am trying to get ahead. I asked him to watch the kids this weekend – to pretend that I was not here, as it were. Yeah…that happened. But I get over it and finally, around 11, things start steaming up between the two of us.

HE had enjoyed himself, then it was my turn. A few minutes before I had explained to him that women’s minds don’t work like mens. We don’t think about just one thing, we think about 10. And this includes during sex (at least for me, although I wish it didn’t.)

So right about then, bothering the back of my mind, was that he was taking the kids out today for a time. He was going to head to his sisters and then god knows where. Now I’ve never been a fan of his driving. He gets distracted easily and always drives too fast. Plus: things always look more dire in the evening hours. So I looked at him and said, “Promise me that you’ll drive slow tomorrow.” What two words does a woman want to hear when she says that? Well, “I promise” is not what I got. I got kind of an “mmmmmmmmmmm”.

“Scott. Promise me that you’ll drive slow!”


“I promise.”

and then, because it was really late and I KNOW my husband…

“Say ‘I promise that I’ll drive slow'”.

He gave a huge sigh, backed away from me, put his back to the headboard and said, grudgingly, what I’d asked him to say. Followed by a “there”.

So of COURSE I’m not in the mood now, and I’m a bit peeved. After all, ALL he had to do was to say the words and Nookieland would have been open for business. Instead, he has to make a huge deal out of it and act as if I were torturing him by pulling out his fingernails.

I guess the annoying part is that he makes me feel like I’m the one starting and keeping these arguments going. This morning he tried to cuddle, and I pulled away. I fell back to sleep and at 9 he popped in and said “we’re leaving, so you can get up”.

Yeah, and it’s ALL me, right?


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