Kanye West

18 Sep

Dear Kanye West,

For over a week now I’ve been listening to you whine about how MTV “shut you out” at the VMA’s. I listen to 20 on 20 on XM radio (through my satellite TV), so I’ve heard Stronger a number of times. I have to say that I really do like the song – honestly! It’s a good song, has gone some great beats and is very different. I wondered, when I watched the VMA’s, why you didn’t win an award. I knew that JT’s video for “What Goes Around” rocked, so I figured his just rocked harder than yours.

Dude – I now know why you didn’t win.

The video for Stronger SUCKS! Seriously! I know it cost something insane like 1.2 MILLION dollars to shoot, but it SUCKS!! First of all, most of the people watching that video can’t read Japanese, so putting Japanese characters at the bottom of the screen means nothing to us. Secondly, just because you have a famous director does NOT mean that the video will definitely be good. The video should match the song dude – LEARN THAT…videos that do NOT match the song do NOT deserve to win VMA’s?! Do you even know what that acronym stands for?! VIDEO Music Awards – that implies that you have to have a good VIDEO to be able to WIN one!

No go jump into one of your BMW’s, have lunch at Spago’s and buy your recent flame a billion dollar bracelet, and STOP WHINING!




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