So what am I doing?

19 Sep

I’m so glad you asked! Here, come in and have a seat while I tell you about *MY* day.

I’ve been watching the O.J. Simpson farce religiously. Whenever I’m home, I have MSNBC on. Right now there is a shot of all of the paparazzi sitting in front of the jail, waiting for O.J. to come out.

Quick Britney – you’ve got a few hours of freedom – go drinking!

Oh – wait – Britney CAN’T drink! She got told by a judge that “drinking and drugs are BAD” – wow…guess that told her, huh? That’s why she was out drinking that very night.

(that’s not a picture of her drinking – that’s her BEFORE she went out drinking…she got new glasses so she can’t use that as an excuse for her stumbling around anymore)



Did I watch after Eric was kicked out? NOPE! I have been following along through the online gossip rags, though. Hey, at least Daniele didn’t win – the whiney brat…wait…is that…is that Nick’s ARM around her?! I want to know if she went home and found her clothes scattered on the lawn!

And, on top of all that, I’m trying to figure out new fundraising strategies for our Parent’s Club – we need something that raises around 2,500 dollars and that does NOT involve selling chocolate bars or wrapping paper.

AND, on top of that, I’ve got my period for the first time since before the surgery.

Is it bedtime yet?


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