Photo Day

20 Sep

Today is picture day at Toad’s school. I made sure, when we went school shopping, to pick up one really good top. It has a red t-shirt that goes on first, and then a red and tan checked button-up shirt goes on over the top. I left him to get dressed and went to make myself presentable (this takes MUCH longer than I have on any given day, but I give it my best shot). I came back and saw that he’d buttoned up the shirt the entire way. I went over and unbottoned it a bit and saw that he had no shirt on underneath! He’d taken the checked shirt and put it on without the under shirt. Yeah – he’s gonna be a geek like his dad…

I helped him to get dressed the right way, and then remembered that his school has a number of older teachers.

“Toad – if anyone tells you to button up your shirt, tell them that your mom said not to.”

“Okay – but what if they button it up for me?”


“I’ll just unbotton it! No problem mom.”

Yup – teaching my son to rebel against da man…err…da woman.

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