Interesting Weekend

24 Sep

We had a strange weekend. It began wierdly and ended with a lot of fun.

Scott and I are licensed foster parents – yeah, I know – someone licensed us…strange, isn’t it?! Anyway, we took a teen in for the weekend. She was a very nice teen, but was exceedingly clingy! I felt like we had to keep her entertained the entire time! Then she started begging for things (in a subtle, kid-like fashion), and I had had my fill by the end of the weekend.

Making this more difficult was the fact that the kids really liked her. They wanted to play with her ALL the time, and so, of course, they were a tad upset when she went home on Sunday (while we were celebrating LOL). I feel bad – because, in reality, she was an ideal foster child for the weekend, but I think I’ll be avoiding teens for awhile.

The weekend got better when, last night around 6, a friend of ours stopped by to give me a ride on his motorcycle. He’s got a 20 year old Suzuki motorcycle (BEFORE they made crotch rockets) and that puppy can fly! I’ve never ridden on a motorcycle that didn’t have a back for the passanger on it. It was really fun! The weather was perfect (a little cold, but I had on gloves, a helmet and a leather jacket), and there were some beautiful places that we drove past. I’m definitely going to head back with the camera in the next day or so, as the leaves are changing quickly!

The ride was a blast, and the company was great, and the weekend ended with some very fun, “adult” games!!


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