26 Sep

We’re all good – maybe it’s my old age, but I hate keeping a fight going now a days. I looked at him and calmly asked him how he’d feel if I had done that w/o asking him. Of course his first answer was “I’d be FINE with it” – then he stopped and said “yeah – I’d probably be pissed too”.

Finn made a good point – why IS it that sometimes men make us women treat them like they’re little kids?! It’s like they ENJOY it or something!! They want us to cook supper for them – make their lunches – get the coffee ready – do they want us to cut their meat too?! Maybe pre-chew it for them a little bit?!

Anyway, we’re fine, and we’re heading out on Saturday and having a whole day to ourselves. Maybe this is why our fights aren’t as bad as they used to be – we’re really doing our best to make some time for ourselves away from the kids.


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