Dropping Off Babygirl

27 Sep

Every morning we have a routine: I bring Babygirl to the school and we head inside. We hang up her backpack (and jacket when it’s cold enough) and head into the bathroom. It’s a school rule that you have to wash your hands when you get to school. I hang out with Babygirl in the bathroom while she washes her hands and then we head to the classroom.

Inside the classroom I sit with her for a few minutes, making sure she’s comfortable. I then say “okay, Mommy’s going to head now – I’ll pick you up when school’s done, alright?” She says “yup”. I then get my hug and kiss and leave, knowing that she’ll have a blast.

I’m not a perfect parent by ANY means, but THIS drives me crazy!

Every morning there are two parents who can’t WAIT to get out of the building. One is a mother/father (they’re both jerks) who walk in with their child and ignore anything the teachers try to tell them. This child is the one that scared Babygirl by having a big tantrum – he’s a year older than she is too! Apparently when he has a tantrum, he’ll really go nutz. He hasn’t physically harmed a child…yet. This is the child that will become the bully when he gets into big school.

THEN there’s the mom. I’m gonna call her the “rush” mom. She brings her daughter and another of the girls to school. Every morning all I hear is “come on – hurry up – I’ve got to go – the baby’s in the car – hurry hurry hurry – let’s go – come ON!”

Alright – let’s dissect this, shall we? First of all she’s leaving her son (who’s around a year old or so) IN A RUNNING VEHICLE while she brings the girls inside. Yeah – that’s genius. Then she’s constantly rushing these girls! These two little girls are absolute sweethearts – Babygirl loves them both. I thought she might have things rough, so I had no problem staying in the bathroom with all of the girls while they washed their hands. HOWEVER yesterday and today she was talking with the teacher and just ignored the girls! They come traipsing into the bathroom by themselves and wait very patiently to take their turn. One even turned to me and said “I’m waiting patiently” – so cute!

Yesterday I did it all with them – this morning, when they were almost done, she pops into the bathroom. She’d left the baby in the stroller in the hallway (better than in a running car, I guess), and goes “S – come ON – aren’t you done yet?! Hurry hurry – mommy has to go to the doctors…I have an appointment and I’m going to be late….hurry up!”

I seriously wanna smack this woman. I want to look at her and say, “Look, bitch – first of all, if you didn’t want to have to rush with two girls, you shouldn’t have agreed to bring the other girl in to school every day. Secondly, you are giving these girls ULCERS! Calm the fuck down! Breathe and realize that you can’t control the world!”

Any ideas of how I should deal with this broad?! Should I ignore it?! Talk with the teachers?


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