Six month old

28 Sep

Last night our neighbors called us and had a huge favor.

“My husband has to work tomorrow for about four hours – is there ANY way you can watch the baby for a bit?”

OOOookay – she’s asking a woman who’s going through baby withdrawls if she wants to watch an adorable six month old?! YES!!

The funny thing is that we don’t associate with these neighbors much. We’ll wave to each other, and the husband (who’s a state trooper) comes down and saves our asses in the winter by snow blowing us out. But we really don’t hang out or anything like that, so it did kind of shock me when they asked me to babysit.

“So how much would be appropriate for me to pay you?”

Puhleze – I’m too expensive for ya’ll….(kidding)

I told her that no money was necessary – I told her that’s what neighbors were for, and she said that they’d really owe me one…having a state trooper owe you one is NOT a bad thing. After all, he can help me hide the body if I ever do finally decide to kill the sperm donor.

So the trooper brings his baby girl down this morning dressed in his full uniform. I always feel wierd talking to him when he’s in uniform. I took her out of her carseat and chatted with him for a minute – and then she started bawling! Poor baby, you can’t blame her, she really doesn’t know me! So he leaves, with a “thank you SO much”, and a, “I hope she doesn’t bawl for you all day”.

Five minutes later we were happily ensconced in Babygirl’s room, the baby having discovered that MY Babygirl was the most fun thing she’d ever seen. I got to feed her and cuddle her and play with her, and then, a miracle happened….I got a 6 month old who doesn’t know me to sleep.

SCORE! I totally rock :).


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