Freaking Out

10 Oct

I thought people would be shocked that I’d never seen, or been into, a Target. Instead you guys are freaking out that I’ve never tried Starbucks. Should I mention that there’s no Krispy Kreme in the entire state of Vermont as well, or will you all fall down and die? The only Starbucks anywhere near me is 1 1/2 hrs away in the largest city we have. We were there a few months ago when I got my tattoo, but I was too nervous for the tattoo to have it, and after we had to have lunch and I forgot about Starbucks! So I missed out on my chance. We head to that city about twice a year, so maybe NEXT summer I’ll get another shot at having some.
Secondly, what’s so great about Starbucks?! I get confused when I hear all the different things they have. Venti mocha cappuliti frappuchina with no foam – HUH? I take my coffee with three sugars – thanks. Oh, and Cappuchino? The only cappuchino I’ve ever had is out of a machine at a gas station – French Vanilla – mmmmm. Do they serve food at Starbucks? Is the coffee expensive? If it’s expensive, is it WORTH it?! And can someone PLEASE decode the menu list for me so that when I get an opportunity to go down again (when the snow’s gone in the summer LOL), I will understand exactly what I’m ordering? After all, I’ll only get one shot, so I want to make sure I get it right!

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