My Mother

14 Oct

Sometimes my mother and I don’t talk for days – other times we’re constantly on the phone with each other. Today was one of those days. I informed her that I’d be wearing the controversial piece of jewelry on the 20th (you know, the one I allegedly stole from my grandmother’s house?). She sighed and said:

“Can you at LEAST avoid getting into it until after supper is over?”

My mom has a slightly selfish reason for saying this. She doesn’t get along well with her brothers and sister. She feels like she’s an outcast (although she’s more normal than she thinks she is) and wants to have me and Scott and the kids there as a source of support.

I TOTALLY get that. However – it’s not going to stop me from pointing out the white elephant in the room on the 20th. And if I alienate the rest of my family, OH WELL!

So on the 20th, send me lots (and LOTS) of alcohol…


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