Smile Award

16 Oct

Awwww! Jaime over at Fiction Scribe gave me a Smile Award!! How sweet of her is that! That REALLY made my morning, I’ll tell you what. That means that I get to give out five Smile Awards! I’d give one to Jaime, but she doesn’t make me smile (ha – totally kidding). So the one to Jaime is an implied Smile Award!! Here are my five Smile Award Winners:
Katie at Watching Criminal Minds (Katie is one of my best friend’s IRL and, even though she likes Jennifer Anniston more than Angelina Jolie, she’s a great person)
CinnKitty at Pink Piddy Paws (Cinn is always there to give me a smile, so I wanted to give one back to her!)
Mistress M at Mistress M (M is a wonderful woman who needs to find a man who can handle a REAL woman!)
Finn at A Life Less Ordinary (Finn is a sweetheart – plain and simple!)
and finally Kristine at File Girl (Kristine comes out with the craziest things, and she’s so funny!)

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