Parental Help Needed

23 Oct

Hi! My name’s Randi and I have two adorable, wonderful children. Well, they’re adorable and wonderful, but not 100% of the time. I can’t blame them, though, because I’M not adorable and wonderful 100% of the time (I’m not adorable 25% of the time!). At the beginning of school we were having a slight problem with Toad listening. He would do things that he hadn’t done since he was a child – example? He took his sissors (when we were coloring on the table) and cut into my new table runner. Granted the thing was 2 bucks at the dollar store (why do they call it a dollar store when things cost more than a dollar?) but it was the point of the matter.

Now it’s Babygirl’s turn to be a PIA. She’s been going through this “drama queen” phase lately – if she doesn’t get her way, she starts bawling. I don’t mean just fake crying, I mean massive bawling with crocodile tears included. I figured that this phase would be a short one and that we could handle it, but now it’s causing even more problems.

At the boiled dinner on Saturday she refused to play with the other kids. She had one of her fits and I had enough – I grabbed her up and walked her outside to the van. I put her in her seat (while five other adults were looking on going “WTF?”), left the door open and stepped to the side of the van. She finally stopped crying and I asked if she was done.


After five more minutes of her saying that she wasn’t done, I realized that she was getting her way yet again! She wasn’t playing with the other kids and was alone, the way she wanted to be. My mother eventually put her into one of the bedrooms where she played with some small stuff – for a half an hour. ARGH!

Then yesterday we headed back to preschool after five days off. Usually she runs right over and plays with something. Yesterday we got there and her teacher had the play-doh out – SCORE! Babygirl LOVES Play-doh…except, apparently, when you’re at school. She didn’t want to have anthing to do with the Play-doh and clung to me like she never had before.

One of her teachers came over and said that she could read a book instead – so they did and I left. It turns out that was how the day went the whole way through. They did some Halloween paperwork (matching and things) and she didn’t want to do them. Then, when they got back from the gross motor room, the teacher put the papers in front of her and she did them. She hasn’t wanted to sing since school started and they allow her to draw instead. It seems like her getting her way is snowballing, and this is getting extremely annoying!!



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