Things I’ve Noticed

29 Oct

It’s about 7:30 right now and there are a few things that I realized today.

  • When you cook maple flavored bacon, the smell lingers in your house and you find yourself craving said bacon the entire day.
  • Triscuits and Ritz crackers are NO substitute for maple flavored bacon.
  • A package from Australia that comes complete with a boomerang can really make your week! (recieved the Package on Friday)
  • When your boss e-mails you with the title “Quickie Project” and then writes “I was going to write “want a quickie?” but I figured your spam filter would take it wrong, or you would”, it’s okay to laugh out loud and be grateful that you’ve got a fun boss.
  • Not being able to sew sucks – it leaves me dependant on my mother to finish Toad’s costume (even if it’s just the eye mask so that he can be Leonardo).
  • Super Sweet 16 on MTV sucks you into its vortex extremely easy, and the next thing you know you’ll find yourself taping two more hours of the “blingest birthday bashes” just so you can be shocked and amazed at exactly how much parents will spend on their children.
  • You will then spend hours yelling at the television: “DUDE! Those people are NOT your friends! They just like you because you bought them tons of crap and invited them to your party! Oh – wait – I’LL be your friend!!”
  • I’m still having issues with this whole “I can’t have any more children” thing, even though I don’t WANT any more children and I willingly decided to have my remaining tube tied when I had the ectopic.
  • It’s a strange feeling when you run into your grandmother and you realize that your daughter has NO idea who she is.
  • Halloween is right around the corner –
  • Have to work much because Halloween is on WEDNESDAY DAMMIT…

And how is your week starting so far?


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