My, that’s a big sword you have

1 Nov

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Here’s Toad and Babygirl last night. We hit TONS of houses, got TONS AND TONS of candy, and, being the “uber cool” mom that I am, I let the kids stay home today.

Or I let them stay home because I couldn’t drag my ass outta bed to take them to school.

Seriously, though, we had to go home and shower, and it took quite a bit of time to get the blue and pink out of their hair. Toad’s head is clean – Babygirl’s head has some faint pink streaks left in it, and the blue will NOT come out of mine. Joy.Joy.

They got to bed shortly before 9 p.m., and their bedtime on a week day is 7:30 – so yeah, that was late. Toad still has some black circles under his eyes. He’s always needed quite a bit of sleep – just like his mom!

So we’re having a PJ day – Hooray! Now if someone would show up on my door delivering chinese food, my life would be complete!


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