One Week Away

2 Nov

In just one more week, Scott’s going to be heading out, being “manly”, with a bunch of other guys up at deer camp. This is something that he hasn’t done since his mother passed. The last time he went to deer camp, I was very, VERY pregnant with Toad. No one trusted me to be alone (like my brain cells died with every progressing month of the pregnancy – jeesh, you have ONE little accident and they think you’re going nutz), so I stayed with my mom and step-dad.

I have NO problem with Scott heading to deer camp – well, okay – I have 2 problems.

1. If you’re going to deer camp, come back with some damn vennison. I LOVES me some vennison, and I’d like to be able to stock our freezer with meat.

2. If you DON’T come home with vennison, don’t lose all of your money playing poker with the guys.

So what is everyone up to this weekend? We’re supposed to be emptying my grandmother’s deep freezer and moving it. It will be a massive pain in the ass, however, it will be nice to be able to purchase more than just the food for the week. Finally I can buy gobs of Mama Celeste pizza when it’s available for a buck each!! I can also stock up on Dove ice cream bars…mmmmmmm.


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