Psychiatrist for my Three Year Old?

7 Nov

Babygirl’s preschool teacher pulled me aside yesterday to discuss her “behavior”.

“I said that it was time to do Humpty Dumpty and she lost it and started crying. It took us five minutes to calm her down. I had to rearrange my entire curriculum.”

Yeah – it’s all about you, right?

Keep in mind that I told him a few weeks ago that she was acting more “diva-ish” than she ever has before. When we had the boiled dinner, she didn’t even want to play with her friends. He just brushed me off. AND keep in mind that before school began, I told him that she likes to sing with me and her brother but that she loses it whenever we go to the library and they sing. He blew that off too, and is not stumped as to why she won’t sing (and starts crying instead) in class.

Cause, you know, I’m just the mother – I don’t know ANYTHING.

So yesterday he asked my permission to speak with the child psychiatrist that works with the school. I enjoyed the fact that I was able to say, “Yeah – no problem – her child and Toad are in the same class together, so we see each other frequently. Go ahead and talk to her.”

Honestly, though, we’ve tried everything we can think of to stop the diva behaviors. She’s not so bad at home anymore (probably because she knows I won’t put up with it), but she’s getting worse and worse at school. So I’m honestly going to look at the therapist and explain that I think it’s the school’s problem, not mine.

Now, I’m the FIRST to say that a lot of the problem with children is the parents. HOWEVER, we have tried everything we can think of to stop this behavior, and the fact that it has stopped (for the most part) at home leads me to think that this time it’s NOT our fault. Not that I won’t try whatever the child psychiatrist suggests – I respect her immensely – but I will be making it known that I believe that part of the problem lies with the school.

Anyone else ever had a situation like this?


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