Saying Goodbye

9 Nov

To start this morning I want to give my condolences to a good friend of mine. Tracey has been a friend of mine for a LONG time. She entered my life when her cousin (I think it was her cousin – it’s been a long time LOL) started dating my mom. The relationship didn’t last, but Tracey stuck! She’s a wonderful woman, with a wonderful family.

Yesterday Tracey had to put down her dog, Bandit, who had been with her for almost 9 years. Tracey – I’m so sorry. Bandit was a good dog and he’ll be missed.

Now I piss more people off.

The other day someone said that I was judgemental. My response was – yeah? And? I know that the world is getting more and more politically correct (which I think is crazy) but why can’t I be judgemental? If I am intelligent enough to consider both sides of the story, why can’t I say, “yeah, I think that woman is crazy for allowing her toddlers to stay up past 10 p.m. routinely”? Why can’t I say, “some of my family members are just a tad crazy”? Am I being judgemental, or am I stating my opinion?! Is it getting to the point where we can’t even have opinions anymore?

I found a wonderful blogger though my Watching House site: Angelika. Angelika has a great post up here about being annoyed that people are getting so offended over someone saying, “the ‘n’ word”. Angelika says that she’s tired of hearing about it, and Angelika herself is black.

There was one day when I was in high school when I made this comment: “we went out for chink food last night.”

One of my oldest friends immediately got very, very upset and called me all sorts of bad things.

“You can’t say chink food! That’s RACIST!”

“Ummm – excuse me – are you chinese? Are you any ethnicity other than caucasian?”

“No – but it’s still not RIGHT!”

“Would you rather I said chinese cuisine? Even though what we eat here is NOTHING like what they eat over there? This is the AMERICANIZED version of chinese food – chink food.”

If I remember correctly, she didn’t talk to me for days. See, even in high school I was pushing bounderies LOL. But honestly – dude – it’s WORDS. If I meant to be degrading or mean when I said “chink food”, it would be one thing, but I didn’t. It was a phrase that was used around my house that simply meant that we would be gorging ourselves on egg rolls and fried chicken fingers.

I can honestly say that I have never used the word nigger in a mean way. First of all, when it comes to color, I’m not prejudiced (I am, however, prejudiced against morons who commit crimes that hurt other people). There’s always the possibility that this is because I’ve grown up in an area that has a severe lack of color. It wasn’t until I moved to college that I met and became friends with a black woman – simply because there were no black women, or many men, in my area. Our high school janitor was black, and he was a great guy! He started a boxing club because he felt that teenage kids should be able to get their frustrations out in the ring where they’re supervised instead of outside the ring where someone could really get hurt. But really, my exposure to people of color is extremely minor.

My mother, however, lived in FL when I was little. She has very definite prejudices against some races. When I was really young I was extremely sick (she said 105.5 temp – which, as a parent, would scare teh CRAP outta me!). She was also very poor, so she brought me to a health clinic where they wouldn’t see me because I wasn’t black. So I can understand why she has a slight problem – but it IS slight, because one of her friends is black, and one of the women I consider to be a second mother is lesbian.

I think that the only way that people are going to stop being offended by words is to STOP BEING OFFENDED BY WORDS! We don’t know what experiences Dog the Bounty Hunter has had, and the only ones that SHOULD be offended by his rant are his son and his son’s girlfriend.

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