And So…

14 Nov

The trip to the vet’s? Three phone calls (only one of which got me to the vet herself), a LOOONNNG discussion with the vet, and $133 later, we have a diagnosis of: IDONTKNOW. IDONTKNOW is a devasating cat disease that has been known go cause as much of a problem with the cat owner as it has with the cat. I believe it’s actually the only disease that is spreadable between different species!

The vet says that Duchess is a little anemic (oh, and seriously guys, it’s DUCHESS, not DUTCHESS – if you can’t spell that, you have issues), but that she has no idea what is wrong with her.

*sigh* – not that my cat didn’t deserve to go to the vet’s, but getting a diagnosis of “nothing” when you’ve spent $133 is extremely frustrating!


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