Feeling Off

16 Nov

I’ve been feeling a bit off lately. Scott came home from camp acting…well…different. It could’ve had something to do with the fact that in one day his car got hit, he lost his wedding ring, and he learned that his 20-something year old nephew is making thousands more than he’s making, doing a very similar job – but I doubt it. It’s probably just because he was pissy.

So he talked to me about his nephew (nephew has had the job for 3 years, Scott has worked in a similar place for 14 and is making a LOT less – yea, THAT’S not fair), and I thought that was the end of it. But his pissy-ness continued. Last night I was working downstairs, as I’ve sort of commandeered the downstairs bedroom when I need to get work done, and he yelled down asking if I could bring up the laundry when I came up. Sure – no problem.

I finally come upstairs, hauling the laundry and the laptop, and set it down. Immediately, and from his snug little corner in the couch, he says, “Did you lock the front door?”

“Ummm – no – you didn’t ask me to lock the front door.”

“You don’t ask me to lock the front door every night, but I do it anyway.”


I took about ten minutes to myself (so I couldn’t get charged with murder, no matter how justifiable it would’ve been) and came back into the living room.

“You’re acting differently – STILL.” And of course – he’s male, so WHAT does he say?

“No I’m not. YOU’RE acting different.”

Be proud of me – instead of biting his head off or leaving the room, I merely shut my mouth and settled onto the chair with my book. About ten minutes later or so, he piped up and asked, “why do you think I’m acting different?”

A long discussion later and I discover that he’s still upset about losing his wedding ring.

“YOU gave it to me on our wedding day. I’m still so pissed that I lost it.”

Awwwww – how can I stay mad then?! I’m the one that picked Scott’s ring out (he didn’t even get to see it) right before we got married, and he loves it. It is a beautiful ring. It was around 300 or 400 dollars when I bought it, and was one of those rings that would last for forever. It truly was beautiful. There were no stones in it, but it did have some swoopy-type grooves – hard to explain, I guess LOL.

He’s going to take his metal detector up to camp with him this weekend, but he’s fairly sure he’s not going to find it. He did a lot of walking around, and says that there’s no way he’s going to metal detect the entire woods – especially during deer season. If he doesn’t find it, we won’t be able to get another wedding ring. We simply can’t afford it right now – we’re finishing up buying christmas presents for the rugrats and 150 gallons of oil costs over 400 dollars.

*sigh* – why is it that just when things are going good something ALWAYS has to happen?!


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