Confusing, BUT…

20 Nov

Sorry I disappeared for a few days – I’m totally learning how hard it is to be a single parent! Scott was gone to deer camp again and it’s definitely a struggle to get MY stuff done along with all the regular stuff! But now I’m here, and seriously need your help:

Quick backstory: I have a sperm donor with whom I have very, very little contact with. I did used to have some contact with his family, but recently decided that it’s easier to pull myself away from them entirely than to wish that they would love me when they don’t tend to. I mean, they love you in that “oh – here you are – at the store – how have you been?” kind of way.

Babygirl goes to preschool with Run-around, which is the son of my grandmother’s favorite son, my Uncle L (he’s Scott’s age, which is so fucked up). L’s wife, N, brings Run-around back and forth and is sort of on my side. She knows the situation and how I feel. On New Years Eve they’re having this huge friggin party for my grandparent’s anniversary, and I have made it clear that I wasn’t sure whether or not I was going to go.

Today, N sidles up to me (which is the PERFECT word for what she did, trust me) and goes, “I have something for you to think about.”

I hate when sentences start like that.

“The entire family is getting together for family portraits for your grandparent’s anniversary party. We’re doing it December 15th,” (N’s step-brother is a huge photographer in our area – huge and WAY too expensive – so she can get deals and things done really quickly), “we’re going to have pictures of the four children, then each child and their children, then the grandchildren and their children. We’d love it if you could come.”


Do I NOT go and make a huge bold statement, or would that be too petty? I mean, to be honest, my grandmother is a bit odd, and caters to her two young grandchildren (while she forgets the names of her five great-grandchildren), but she’s not mean, and she’s never intentionally hurt me and mine. She even sends money for Christmas.


Standing there with my friggin sperm-donor, acting like everything is fine would be really, REALLY hard for me. Got any advice? PLEASE?!


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