Weird –

20 Nov

I know turkey day is coming up (to make you laugh, my son made an “eat Meatloaf, not Turkey” sign at his school) – but I’m STILL pissing people off. Case in point – the club I’m a part of for my son’s school.

I joined the club last year as a way to be a member of the community and to help the kids. I wasn’t asked to do much, and thought it was because I was the “new girl” – things haven’t changed, even though I was voted the treasurer. Long story short – we voted to have a candy bar sale, which is a project that I took on. The entire group believed that the president was doing to much, so it was voted on that we should all take a project and do it in order to help even things out. I gladly took the candy bar sales.

Toad sold his candy and I sent a note to school asking for another box. It made no sense to send the money in when it was all coming back to me anyway, right? The president (who also works in the school) sent me an e-mail saying that she couldn’t give me another box of candybars unless I sent the money in. I e-mailed her back saying that it made no sense, and somewhere in it mentioned that I believed that I was in charge of the fundraiser, so I should be collecting the money (not to mention that I’m the friggin TREASURER and am the only one that can deposit and write checks!) – she e-mailed back that she had NO idea where I got the idea that *I* was in charge of the fundraiser – that she’d only asked me to HELP by ordering the candy (even though *I* found the company and did all the talking to them).

I sent an e-mail out to the entire group explaining that this was the last straw – it was very professionally written and didn’t focus on anyone. I said that the club was going to have problems because no one felt as though they were appreciated in it, and that I couldn’t sit there and watch the desires of the masses be overtaken by the desires of the few. I got an e-mail back from the president saying that she was holding a meeting on December 6th in order to “discuss” the issues – “and we may need to hold elections as well”.

December 6th is Toad’s birthday! I e-mailed her back and explained that it was Toad’s birthday, and that if she wanted to change the date of the meeting, I’d be more than happy to attend. The e-mail I got back the other day?

Since you are stepping down I need all the treasuers stuff. I WILL BE LOOKING TO FILL THE POSITION. THE MEETING IS FOR THE 6 OF DEC.

Umm – first of all I didn’t say for sure that I was stepping down, just that I felt I would have to if things kept up the way they were. Then today I get this:

I have money to go in to the account and I need to get some bills paid. If you know longer want to be treasurer then you need to get the stuff to me so I can get things done and find another person.I also need the number to the choc bar company to see when we get the big choc. bars.

Okay, hold on a minute be-otch. First of all, YOU can’t sign checks! Only myself and another person (who’s no longer in the club) can sign checks. Secondly – this proves that you have a friggin God/Martyr complex! This woman has to do everything herself! I swear!!

Yup – just a day in my life – pissing people off one at a time. Think I still deserve turkey?


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