The Last To Know

25 Nov

I used to LOVE the Chipmunks! I can’t count the amount of times I rented the Chipmunk Adventure from the video store! I probably wore the VHS out! This afternoon I started thinking about the songs and downloaded “The Boys and Girls of Rock and Roll” – the kids loved it as much as I did! THIS is how I will always remember the Chipmunks:

This weekend I was told that there’s a NEW Chipmunk’s movie coming to the big screen very soon. First the Transformers, now the Chipmunks?!?! Here’s what they look like:

Mmmmkay – Alvin meets P. Diddy’s clothing line?! And what’s up with Simon’s hat! And since when does Theodore try to look cool?!?! And the Chipmunks are supposed to be up to your knee, not tiny tiny like these guys are!! ARGH! I could handle the transformer’s movie – after all, THEY started in Japan. THIS, however, THIS is a travesty!!

In order to cleanse myself, I just ordered the original Chipmunk adventure on DVD. THAT’S how it should be!!


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