Still Alive

30 Nov

I was going to type “feeling better” for the title, but it popped up and said that I’d already typed that! Apparently I need to ‘feel better’ all the time.

No, seriously, I’m better. I let it all out on Scott (with the disclaimer before I started talking that if I heard those two phrases I was going to go for a very long drive…to Mexico). He only mentioned the word “medication” once, and when he did he quickly backed off of the topic. Then yesterday, Babygirl and I dropped in on him at work for lunch and he asked me out to supper this weekend! I was shocked…until I realized that his work had given him a gift certificate and that one of the places he could spend the money at was the restaurant he asked me out too…


So I’m taking some advice that I gave a friend awhile ago – I can either go and appreciate the offer, or stay home and wish I HAD gone. So I’m setting up babysitting and we’re going to go out and I’m totally having scallops wrapped in bacon! That is my absolute FAVORITE food and I rarely get it – and when I do get it, it’s only a little bit at a time, so I enjoy it while I can!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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