He gets it from Scott

4 Dec

For some reason, known only to him, Toad brought home a Valentine’s day book the other day from the school library. The book tells you how to make Valentines and how to make a Valentine’s day box. So Toad and Babygirl decided that they wanted to make boxes! Scott helped them to follow the directions, which basically was to put colored paper over the sides of the box. Then we got to “step 4”, which said this:


Toad did that part on his own and then ran to find us. “See – I did it!”

Your Name

Okay, he TOTALLY gets that from Scott’s side of the family!

Friday I get a phone call from the school to pick him up because he’s bonked his mouth on the ice during recess. I get him and he was bleeding a tiny bit, but some Motrin and ice cream and he was better. Then Saturday he went over to his friend, R’s, house. R’s mom is a psychologist and is one of the few places I trust the kids at alone. About a half an hour after he got there I got a phone call from the mom.

“Randi? Hi – we’ve had a little accident. They were sliding and ran into a sapling. Toad’s got a bump on his head and his nose is bleeding…”

He was hurt, but not enough to want to come home, and I knew that he’d be safe and well watched with R’s mom, so I waited until they brought him home two hours later.

“Don’t freak out when you take the bandage off! I’m so, SO sorry!!” I assured her that it could’ve happened if her daughter had been here (she was outside watching them, but those two get a bit crazy on the sleds) and that it was fine. I took off the bandage and saw this:


Yeah – beautiful, isn’t it? Head to the flickr acct to see it big, that’s when you can really go “OUCCHHHH!”

My mom babysat later that evening and started freaking out!

“Omg – omg – is he okay?! Toad, are you okay?! What happened?! Did you call the doctor?!”

She freaked out so much that Toad almost started bawling.

“Ma! Cut it out!!” I yelled.

“Well, I can’t help it! You never had a bump like that!!”

She calmed down and we were able to leave on our “date”, but I’ll tell ya, that was two days in a row that he got hurt! Something else he gets from Scott’s side of the family…. 🙂


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