Birthday Boy

6 Dec

I’ve written before about my labor experience with Toad. Today he turns 7. Yesterday I let babygirl go to the store and pick out a present for him. We wrapped it and she hid it under her bed. This morning Toad got up early and cuddled in bed with me for a few minutes. He then got up and went to get dressed. Babygirl crawled into bed a moment later and then sat up and ran back into her room. I saw her digging around under the bed and heard the pitter patter of her feet as she ran into his bedroom.

“Happy Birthday Toad!” she handed him the present.

“Thank you Babygirl!”

He opened up a really loud, REALLY noisy gun (that transforms into a sword), and he got his favorite lunch. In a few hours I’m heading down to the school to bring cupcakes for all of his friends, and tonight we’re all headed to McDonalds for his birthday dinner (his choice). Then we’ll come home where he’ll open his presents, squeal a bit, I’m sure, and will hopefully have a wonderful evening.

I never thought I could have children. I don’t know why, but I thought that I was barren. Fortunately that wasn’t the case and Toad was conceived without any real effort (a lot of fun, but no effort LOL). I was 21 years old when he arrived and never once have I regretted having my baby boy.

We were talking about the firsts that we had left to look forward too, and I was ticking off Toad’s firsts…

“His first sleep-over, his first dance, his first skanky girlfriend…”

Happy birthday my darling baby boy. You are getting too tall too fast, but you’ll always be momma’s baby.


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