"That’s Just Stupid"

10 Dec

I’m here! I swear! It was a crazy-busy weekend. I had a HUGE fight with Scott on Friday, then we had the big birthday party on Saturday, followed by the tree-hunting expedition, and then on Sunday I discovered I’d come down with a cold – oh so nice. But the tree got put up and decorated…I’ll have photos later. You have to hear the conversation I overheard Toad and Babygirl have on Saturday when I was half comatose sittin gin the front seat. They were talking about the different types of lollipops that Santa might leave, and they were coming up with all sorts of different things.

Babygirl: What about a tree lollipop?
Toad: Oh yeah – and it would taste like honey!
Babygirl: What about a jacket lollipop?
Toad: YEAH! And it has a zipper on it – you unzip it when you want to have a lick and then zip it back up when you’re done!
Babygirl: What about a book lollipop?
Toad: Sure! You open it up, take a lick, then put the lollipop back in!
Babygirl: What about a house lollipop?
Toad: Well that’s just stupid.

I love my kid’s conversations!!


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