Christmas Christmas time is Here

17 Dec

Tree 2007

Here’s our 2007 tree. Now, usually I go for the biggest, fattest tree I can find. This has caused Scott many hours of headaches as he tries to figure out how to get it upstairs and straight. This year, however, this thinner, almost perfectly shaped tree just kind of called ot me. It’s almost a perfect “A” and fairly full.

I know, in a lot of places, trees can cost a lot. How much do real Christmas trees cost where you live? Here, we went to the tree farm, chose, and cut our own for 20 dollars. It’s a tradition we’ve been doing since Toad was little, and is a lot of fun. We head to the tree farm, grab a saw and tree carrier, and head into the trees. If it’s not too cold we can spend an hour looking and playing, if it is cold, we are usually done in around 15 minutes. It was a 15 minutes year LOL.

For some reason this year I’m more excited than usual about Christmas. I think it’s because I feel that we’ve nailed Christmas. Everything we got for the kids is something that they’ve really wanted, and, of course, we’ve got the Wii to look forward to! Here are some of the highlights of what the kids will be getting:

Magnetix (I’ve been avoiding these for a few years now – I gave in)
Squawkers McCaw (apparently I have the word “SUCKER” written on my head)
A telescope
An ATM machine
A bunch of spy stuff

Barbie dreamhouse
Princess cash register
Barbie vet
Princess Vanity (from grammie and grampa)

Toad’s getting stuff from grammie and grampa too, and he’ll be getting money so that he can buy his own Wii game.

HOW many more days until Christmas?!


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