Full House

29 Dec

Toad desperately wanted his BEST FRIEND EVER to come over, so we invited him over and apparently his mother feels that we’re okay, because she let him come over this morning! Then we noticed that Babygirl was trailing them around like a little lost puppy dog, so Scott called her friend from school’s mother (whom he’s known for a long time and calls the uber-bitch) and asked if B could come over – the mother – shockingly – said yes! So B and her older sister (apparently they’re a package deal) came over as well.

If you’ve kept up, this means that we’ve got FIVE children under the age of seven in our house right now. Two seven year old’s, a five year old, and two three year old’s.


But it’s all in good fun, and so far everyone’s playing well together. We thought that Toad’s friend would immediately head to the Wii, but it turns out he got one too (his parents have money and probably paid a fortune online for one) and that he’s sick of it (BLASPHEMY!!), so they’ve played Balloon Lagoon and with some of his spy stuff, which is GREAT!

And now I must run to make Mac and Cheese for five…HOW many boxes?!

Oh – and hopefully we’ll have company for New Year’s Eve! We invited my best friend and her husband up from Mass. She was hopeful but had to ask the hubby before she could say yes. I shouldn’t have been worried. Her hubby heard the term “Wii party” and was ready to come up now!! So, if the weather holds, they’ll be here for New Years Eve, when they’re going to introduce me to wine.

No, I’ve never tried wine.

Her hubby’s family is very Italian, and he knows his alcohol (all kinds of alcohol – because of him, my friend introduced me to Blue hawaiians, which I LURVE), so they’ve said that they’re going to bring up some good, yummy alcohol.

If I don’t talk to you before, I hope you have a great New Years Eve!!!


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