Year In Review

31 Dec

Alright, I’m cheating a bit because I’m not going back and linking to everything, but it takes so LOOONNGG LOL. Let’s document what happened this year in order, shall we?

1. Scott’s grandfather passed away right before his sister’s birthday.
2. We got a call for a foster son that was one month younger than Babygirl.
3. My grandmother gets progressively worse.
4. I start blogging at 451Press.
5. Through contacts at 451Press I start writing online for SEO companies.
6. April 6 – Scott’s birthday – my grandmother passes away quickly.
7. Things get too stressful with the foster son and a new, permanent home is found for him (to update, he’s THRIVING there…he gets paid a lot of attention and his foster family adores him).
8. I quit my job at the call center and start working as a full-time freelance writer. (I still love that I can call myself a writer with a straight face!
9. Middle of July – we find out we’re pregnant with our third baby.
10. A few weeks later – An emergency trip to the ER proves that I have an ectopic pregnancy and have surgery to remove the left tube and clamp the right one closed.
11. Babygirl has her tonsils out.
12. Toad starts first grade! Hooray!
13. Babygirl starts preschool! Hooray!

Other things have gone on that I can’t quite put on the timeline – like visiting with a very old, very dear friend from far away (whom I haven’t seen in years), and making up with another wonderful friend whom I had been fighting with for over five years (I missed you Katie!)

I have wonderful friends (Danni, Katie, Brianna), and a wonderful family (Scott, the rugrats, and my mother). I have a job that I absolutely love to do and feel grateful for every single day. I have a home whose mortgage is going DOWN after Jan. 1 (can you believe it?! HA!) and a wonderful and amazing school system. I feel so fortunate some days that I worry bad things will happen – like I got TOO lucky, you know?

I do have some resolutions this year. The first is to be a better and more patient parent. The next is to lose weight (MWA HA HA – oh – sorry), and another is to make sure that my life is what I want it to be…to take steps, like the ones I took with my grandparents, to make my life, and the lives of my children, as happy and healthy as possible.

Oh, and to not get too addicted to the Wii.

My best friend, Danni, is coming up tonight with her hubby for drinks, food, and to be Wii-tards with us. It’s the first time we’ve rung in the New Year with someone in five years.

To my few friends and readers – HAPPY NEW YEAR and may you have as many good things happen this year as you do not-so-good things.


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