1 Jan

Wow. I am DEFINITELY doing that again!

Okay, here’s the thing about me: even when I have one thing going, if I had other options, I tend to muse over whether or not I should’ve chosen the other options. Take, for example, New Years Eve. I was invited to my grandparent’s party (and before you say ‘you swore you weren’t going’, let me assure you that no, I didn’t go, but that the thought was there because of a long phone conversation I had with the aunt I like and a few nice e-mails requesting our presence at the party), I was invited to my mother’s house, and then I had my best-friend and her hubby coming up.

Now at one point earlier in the day I thought “dang, I’d kinda like to go to my mom’s house” – my parents got crafty. They used wood and a tarp to enclose their deck and then put a heater out there so they could have a New Years Eve “Deck Party”. It sounded cool! Plus the fact that they were going to have TONS of food and a lot of friends over made their party sound cooler than mine.

But my best friend and her hubby were already on their way and I was really looking forward to seeing them too. They arrived and the first thing we all did was play with the kid’s new toys.

We’re so adult.

For supper we had a great deal from a store that rhymes with Mice Hopper – you get 2 large pizzas and FORTY wings for 20 bucks! So cheap! I also made my new sweet and sour meatballs (secret recipe), and we had chips and dip. My best friend Danni is extremely thin (she’d die on Survivor), but she can, and did, eat more than all of us. She also brought me some wonderful Raspberry Smirnoff and some wine that I actually liked!

YES! Randi has tried wine!

It’s a sweet wine with a strawberry/kiwi flavor to it, and apparently very cheap. Yup, that’s me – get me a bottle of expensive wine and I’ll hate it, spend three bucks on me and I’ll love it!

We transformed Danni’s hubby into a Wiitard. At one point she looked at her husband and asked, “Hey hon, do you want to cancel your gym membership and just get a Wii?”

A few minutes to midnight we turned the TV on and watched the sadness that is Dick Clark. After the ball dropped, we started out the new year by watching a bit of South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut! on Comedy Central.

We all finally crashed before 1, and they left early this morning, but I know that there is no other way I’d rather spend New Years Eve than with some good friends, some good alcohol, and a lot of goofing around!



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