Not Very Well Thought Out

2 Jan

Scott and I escaped from the house yesterday to take in I Am Legend (don’t worry, we left the kids with plenty of bottled water, crackers, and the Wii…they were fine – YES, there was an adult here too…jeesh).

I’d been wanting to see this movie since I researched it to see what it was all about. Basically, a physician mutates the measles virus so that it attacks cancer and kills it. Apparently, however, it also winds up turning people into a cross between a zombie and a vampire as well. Will Smith is left, alone and immune, to try to fix the problem.

Did you realize that there are tons of commercials before movies now? Not previews, COMMERCIALS! There was a commercial for Lost, one for another new paranormal tv show that will be appearing on A&E, and another for a car of some sort. Oh, yeah, and there was one for this product:

Gardasil. Have you heard of this? It’s the vaccine given to help prevent cervical cancer.

A vaccine – fairly new – that is given to stop cancer as a “preview” for a movie about a cancer treatment that turns people into zombies.

Someone needs to pay better attention when they’re selling advertising…

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