18 Jan

So the forecast says that we’ll only get 1-3 inches today.

Uh huh – and I’m going to be flying out to give Britney Spears an intervention as well.

I opened up the garage door to take Toad to school and was immediately thankful that I’d gotten new snow tires – there was at LEAST two inches already!

Scott’s home at noon today and, if the snow keeps up, I’m thinking that Toad will be home early as well.

So we had a unique experience last night. My computer and router were acting up (so far they haven’t today – I’m keeping my fingers crossed), and so I e-mailed my friend, CinnKitty, the computer guru, and asked if she had any thoughts. She gave me some suggestions and then added her phone number. Even though it was after 10, the hubby decided that he wanted to talk to the woman whose bosom he had admired.

Basically? He liked the boobs.

He called and left a message for her and she called back shortly after. Believe it or not, this marks the first time that I’ve talked on the phone with a friend I’ve met through blogs. Kitty was absolutely hilarious – I had a really good time talking with her (even though I kept her from sleeping or, more importantly, from texting her new boy toy Ranger). She made me laugh and, I hope, I made her laugh. I hpoe that I’ll be able to have more phone encounters with my blogging friends, if only so that I can continually embarass Scott the way I did last night.

It was interesting, though, because Kitty’s voice was NOTHING like what I thought it would be! I wonder if my voice matched her expectations LOL.


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