19 Jan

I’m pretty sure that I mentioned that we got a Wii for Christmas, right? Well right after Christmas we told Toad that if he wanted to buy a game, he’d have to use his own money…we’re TRYING to teach him to respect his money and his things. Or, rather, I guess *I* am. Anyway, last weekend we had a relaxing weekend and we let Toad rent Super Mario Galaxy from Blockbuster. *I* didn’t want to, as he’s got Super Paper Mario and is still playing it, but Scott did. So he rented it and played it and both Scott and he loved it (Scott loved watching it, Toad loved playing it).

It went back to Blockbuster Thursday, at which point Scott talked to me about whether or not we should buy it for Toad. I explained that I didn’t think that now was a good time, especially since he was still playing Super Paper Mario and his teacher had recently mentioned that Toad seems preoccupied with video games quite a bit (I SWEAR that he only plays 30 minutes during a week day and less than 2 hrs on weekends – and I can track that with the Wii), so I didn’t think it was a good time to buy it.

Instead, I suggested that we wait a month or so and let him buy it with his own money. He already has $35 saved up from Christmas. Scott agreed, so I set up a chore chart with various tasks assigned coin amounts.

A few minutes ago, after a really rotton morning, Scott looks at me and says, “you’re probably going to get pissed, but I bought that game.”

“What game?” dumb me had NO IDEA what he was talking about because *I* thought the situation was finished.

“That Super Mario Galaxy.”

Okay, not only does it piss me off that he went and did it behind my back, it ROYALLY pisses me off that he went and did it after we had AGREED that we weren’t going to do it right now. He couldn’t wait one fucking month. Instead he purchases it right away, so instead of teaching his son that you have to save up and earn things, he’s showing him that, if DADDY likes it enough, he can have it right off.

Then I asked what he’d gotten for Babygirl, since if Toad got something, it was only fair that Babygirl got something. His answer?

“Well…I’m not done yet…I can still get her something.”

I kid you not, right now I am so fucking pissed off at him that I’m crying and wondering if a judge would let me off on murder charges, being that my husband is being a total and complete FUCK TARD.

Let’s just IGNORE the fact that I’m working my ass off to try to get us ahead…that I’m spending all of my free time writing and trying to earn money and that I’m so stressed out about it I have a headache on a daily basis. And let’s not even THINK about the scary sight that is my hair, as I’ve avoided going to the salon in almost a year because I’m trying to save money and think of everyone else first. And that whole “new water heater” thing? Who needs to think about THAT! And trying to save up money to get the kids summer clothes? Why, they can just run around nekked all day long! And the fact that I just spent almost $300 getting tires for the van? Pshaw – no biggie, right? There’s ALWAYS room to buy a video game, ESPECIALLY if Daddy loves it.

I’ve been wanting to let Averi get earrings since she was little – I wanted to wait until SHE was old enough to decide if she wanted them. SHE wants them now, but DADDY doesn’t want her to get them until she’s 14 or so (which is fucking ridiculous). But isntead of going behind HIS back do to it, *I* am trying to respect his wishes. Apparently I’m an idiot.


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