So Odd

24 Jan

I run the Watching House site and the Brad Pitt Watch site. Both of those sites get over 1,000 page views a day. How many does this site get? 18. Yup – 18 page views a day. Not that I’m complaining – I never started this site to get a lot of readers or money from it, and it did lead me to my current profession (thank you GOD), but sometimes it’s odd thinking about how so many people are reading about what *I* have to say about House or Brad Pitt and entourage, but hardly anyone cares what I have to say about my life.

Then again, I’m not living in England and on a hit television show or dating Angelina Jolie (though God knows I wish I was…). What’s interesting is that I find my writing here on this blog is horrible – it’s truly horrible! I guess that I save all my “good” writing for my work and the other blogs.

So, you’d think I’d find something intelligent to talk about, right? I could talk about how I run constantly and even though I love it, it’s tiring (dropping and picking up the kids) – or I could talk about how I am still really happy and grateful for my job – or I can get right down into the muck and discuss how my sex life is absolutely horrible right now (it’s totally me), and talk about how I haven’t had a “real” orgasm in months.

Instead, I’ll sit here and watch 100 Greatest Teen Stars on VH1 and feel like the fat, flubby housewife I am…


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