Five Minutes

25 Jan

This was a little exercise from the wonderful Finn – you write and don’t correct anything. I love freewriting!

Other players are:


If you want to play, just contact Finn!

Apparently I’ve got five minutes to write about something, and I’m not supposed to correct any spelling errors or grammatical errors. alright…I can do that. I’m sitting here with Babygirl watching Barbie as the Island Princess…I really like this movie, actually! It’s got a lot of music in it – REAL music, not music that was stolen from other sources. I like when a musician can actually write, oh, I dunno, something ORIGINAL! So a lot of people have responded baout feeling “unsexy”, so I guess it’s goo to know that I’m not alone. A few of the readers have also said taht they think that I’d feel better if I was exercising a bit more. I think that’s right…I’ve been watning to get a traedmill, but I can’t seem to talk Scott into in. I did have an old treadmill once, and I loved it, but it was so OLD that it barely functioned. If getting excerise is the answer to having a good sex life, Scott’s gonna be one hurtin puppy this weekend! We’re painting Toad’s room…of course, he’s my son, so he couldn’t just pick red or blue, he had to pick both~! So we’re going to do this little diagnal thing on his walls where one half is blue and one half is red. He chose FLAME SOWRD RED…how funny is that! They’re spending the night at grammy’s, and I always get nervous when they go there. I trust my mom aboslutely, but the thing is that the bedroom they use is at the top of teh stairs, and the stairs are really steep. If I’ve never told you before, Toad had a tendency to sleepwalk, and I always worry that he’ll walk out and fall down the stairs. REcently we think even Babygirl started sleepwalking…oy vey! But my mom puts a gate up as well as some boxes and stuff so thatshe’ll hear them if they wake up. HOPEFULLY LOL. the kids are really excited about going, actually – I asked Babygirl why she loved to go to Grammy’s and she replied, “well, I love our house…but…” and I knew she couldn’t find the words. I said, “but it’s kind of fun to go somewhere else, huh?” “yup” she replied.


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