Odd Weekend

27 Jan

So we began the weekend by dropping the kids off at my mother’s house so that we could paint Toad’s bedroom – blue AND red. I’ll have photos of it once I do a little touching up (hint…take the tape off BEFORE it dries…). We painted from 11 a.m. until after 6, and there’s nothing like painting all day to help you realize how out of shape you really are!!

Instead of going out and partying, we got a movie (House on Haunted Hill 2 – not that great), got some fried chicken, and played some Wii. Yeah, we’re such old fuddy duddies. We fell asleep on the couch and didn’t make it into the bedroom until about 2 a.m. – you know, it used to be that we didn’t make it to bed until 2 a.m. because we were busy making love, but now we find ourselves falling asleep on the couch until 2…ugh.

Then, this morning, I got an e-mail from a very good friend that I’m having a hard time with. She said that she was pregnant with her second child. If you remember, last July I had an ectopic pregnancy. I wasn’t trying to get pregnant, but I was extremely happy and ready to have a baby once again. Instead, I wound up losing my baby, having one tube removed and the other one clamped.

I knew it would be difficult when someone close to me got pregnant, but for some reason, it’s hitting harder than I thought. I love and appreciate my two beautiful kids more than I could ever say, but this really hurts. What can I say to her?! It’s not like I can be all “I’M having a hard time with this, even though it should all be about you”…I may be a bitch occasionally, but I’m not heartless. There are also some other things about her situation that I don’t agree with, but it’s not my life, so I really shouldn’t feel the way I do…bleck.

So I’m going to spend today catching up on the work I ignored yesterday and trying to work through my feelings. Any tips anyone?!


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