28 Jan
Half of the house is sick – that means that me and my beloved first born are fighting over a box of tissues. I hate when the kids are sick – not just because they feel yucky, but because they don’t listen when you try to make them feel better! Example?

*sssnnnniiiiffffffff – cough cough cough*

“Toad – stop sniffing like that, you’re just making yourself cough.”

“But I HAVE to do it…I HAVE to.”

“No, you don’t. Just breathe through your mouth.”

“No! I have to do that when I drink!”

*sssssnnniiiiiffffff – cough cough cough*

“Mooommm – my nose hurts!”

“I wonder why!!”

So he’s home for the day. He’s in one of those “I’m sick enough to be away from school but not sick enough to lay on the couch all day” modes, which means that I can kiss my workload goodbye for the day. Babygirl, however, is adament about going to preschool, so Toad and I are bundled up and will take her. Oh good lord – they’re starting to play Hungry Hungry Hippos and he’s all whiny about it.

I honestly LOVE my children, but there are some days when my tolerance is extremely low. Like today! My nose hurts, my throat hurts, my head’s stuffy, and my legs are KILLING me *mental note – get a treadmill before you try to paint again*, and I have to be mom to a little creature who’s sick. It’s all part and parcel..I’ll deal LOL.

I stayed up late last night because, as most of you know, I run Brad Pitt watch. Brad and Angie showed up at the SAG awards. One again, their minds were on each other rather than on the award ceremony…

Meanwhile, Angie was wearing a very, VERY loose dress, making it entirely possible that she could, in fact, be pregnant. She also appeared to stick to water the entire evening. So yeah, I was up half the night download pictures, downsizing them, and uploading them again. Meanwhile Scott was in the bedroom downloading pictures from the WWE Royal Rumble. We’re oh so romantic, aren’t we? Then again, I guess it’s hard to be attracted to a woman who has a mountainous pile of tissues sitting next to her…


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