"The Ice Man Cometh"

1 Feb

I’m not sure how long I’ll have internet access as there’s a HUGE ice storm moving into the area…or so they say. All I know is that there is freezing rain falling on my porch right now and it looks really, really cold out.

So I met with Babygirl’s teacher, his boss, and the “therapist” that has been talking with me about her “issues”. Her issues revolve around having a slight bawling fit whenever she’s uncomfortable doing something. Like what? Oh, I dunno, like jumping over a lit candle to do Jack be Nimble?

The boss was extremely nice and said that he believes that Babygirl’s issues are anxiety. Great…my 3 year old has anxiety issues. He basically said that in children that are “especially bright”, their minds never stop. We may look at a black man and think “oh, there’s a black man there”, whereas her mind may go, “oh – there’s someone of a different color. Oh no – if I touch him it will rub off on me, and my skin will turn black, and then mommy and daddy won’t love me anymore, and I won’t be able to live in my house and have my toys and my room and I can’t play with Toad anymore!”

Dude, if this is truly how she thinks, I so pity her.

I honestly don’t know how she thinks, and I’m sure I won’t find out until she gets older. But I do know that, just like her brother, she’s started sleepwalking. Fun, right?

We’re hoping that the weather will ease tomorrow so we can head down to a musuem that’s only about a half an hour away from here. We’ve never gone, but now that we’re got a bit more income than we did (and I’ve got more time), we’re going to give it a shot! The museum has a bunch of dead animals that are stuffed as well as historical items and a dinosaur head.

Uh oh – I just thought of Babygirl….”Look! A big, dead, live-looking polar bear! It’s going to come to life and EAT ME!”

*sigh* I guess I’ll spend most of the visit in the car with a three year old…LOL.

In other news: I downloaded a Miley Cyrus song.



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