I’m In Love

4 Feb

Okay, I confess – I’m in love.

For awhile now Scott and I have been talking about adding to our family. We’ve discussed everything and have finally made up our minds and have agreed that it’s the right time to add a new family member. The problem, however, is finding him/her.

Meet my latest obsession:

No, she’s not mine – in fact, I don’t even know this dog, I just borrowed the pic from the internet. But this is what I want. I would love to have a Great Pyrenees. Scott and I both have agreed that we want a large dog…Duke is about 60 pounds and is the BEST, but we’d like one more dog…a larger one.
We’ve been doing research. Scott wants a larger dog that is a good guard dog, and I just want one that’s large, cuddly, and good with the kids. (well, in reality, I think that almost any dog can be good with kids if they’re raised right). I’ve always wanted a white dog.
The problem, however, is finding a breeder somewhere near me, and one I can afford. I don’t need AKC registered, and I’m up to paying a few hundred, but we can’t afford (and don’t want to buy) a $900 dog. So if anyone can find a Great Pyrenees breeder in the New Hampshire/Vermont area, I’d love you for forever!!

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