Big Trouble in Little School

5 Feb

Toad goes to a very small school. How small? I’m glad you asked! There are a total of 7 children in his first grade classroom…and about 100 in the entire school (which goes from K-8th). Yes, only seven children. I know, it’s awesome right?! I was psyched when I realized what an amazing school he was in (and it’s public too! See – living in the boondocks has got some things to recommend it!)

Anyway, tonight Scott told Toad that he could either do his homework now, or later, but that he wasn’t playing the Wii tonight (we had a minor not listening incident at the library tonight). Toad said that he didn’t want to do his homework now, so Scott told Toad that instead he could help to pick up the mess mommy made earlier in the day (long story short – the shop vac blew up and made a holy mess and after a half an hour of fighting with it and feeling gross, I left it where it was).

Toad had a fit. He started bawling and said that now he wanted to read his homework. See, every night Toad comes home with homework, in the form of a book or two. He reads the book with the reading teacher and then comes home and reads it with us. Scott, however, made him help a bit before he let him come upstairs to read (trying to teach him a little lesson).

He came upstairs, grabbed his book, and headed to the couch. I told him I’d join him in a second. He was by himself on the couch for all of a minute, but by the time I got there he had taken his book and had buried it under the pillows. I asked him what was going on and he lost it yet again.

Turns out? Toad hates reading.

He’s the top reader in his class and is arguably one of the smartest 7 year olds I’ve ever run across. Because of this, the school tries to maintain a good balance of pushing him a bit and not letting him get bored. He admitted that he likes reading in school, but not at home, so I asked him why he didn’t like reading his homework book at home.

Toad: Because I’ve already read it once today.

Well damn me if THAT doesn’t make sense? I approached his teacher a few weeks ago about this very worry – that he’d start disliking reading, which makes things difficult and will cause problems later in school. I want him to ENJOY reading, which, in my mind, means that they need to get better books then “The Panda on the Mountain” (trust me, it was boring). So we once again contacted the teacher, only this time I had Scott do it (that was a mistake, btw).

She wants him to work on his re-tells, and says that we can take turns reading with him – we can be the narrator and he can be the voice (there WAS no voices in the Panda on the Mountain, dammit), or that we don’t even have to read the entire book. The big deal is just to get him focusing on his re-tells.

Well damn me – apparently I’m supposed to be psychic and should have figured that all out on my own, because I KNOW she never said anything about this when I talked to her three weeks ago, or I would’ve tried it.

So we’ll try this for a week, and if it’s still causing him to go into terminal meltdown every day, I’m going to have to become that mean bitchy parent that every principal loves.

Oh, and as a side note – he never brings any other homework home. It’s ALWAYS just reading. Yeah, I’d get sick of it too.


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