Sexy Fantasy

6 Feb

I followed the wonderful CinnKitty to a contest for an OhMiBod Vibrator from the always sexy Dee, which is think is absolutely awesome and want very badly! The contest? To post a sexual tip, or fantasy, and to really put yourself out there. In one word? AWESOME. I think that too many women are quiet about their fantasies and their desires, when, in reality, we have much more of then men! So here is my sexual fantasy (and if you’re my mother, click away NOW LOL).

I watch his hands roam, as he touches every spot he can. Naked bodies glisten as sweat begins to form, more from sexual tension then from over exertion at this point. His hands roam from lower legs, to upper legs, bypassing the pulsing point of need. Up to the abdomen and around the breasts. At this point he can’t help himself and he bends his head to take a sip from peaked nipples. Just a brief sip. A moan permeates the room as a body arches back.

He slides up more to kiss her lips. The kiss starts out slow and sweet. A long, hot drink from sweet shining lips turns into a passionate ones, with tongues tangling and moans filling the room. Hands roam, and suddenly urgency overcomes the sweet, slow mood, and hands start groping instead of caressing.

Unable to hold himself back, he poises and plunges, burying himself deeply within the warmth. A small scream and a male groan blend together much like the two entwined bodies on the bed. He thrusts, filling both with pleasure. Male hands entrap and hold down, allowing him to assert his dominance. Legs rise in the air as he shifts and drapes them around his shoulders, burying himself deeper than ever.

He bends his head, sucks, and nips at nipples that have become hard, pointed, and aching. Low moans and deep breathing are all that can be heard. He shifts again and is suddenly on bottom, watching swaying breasts above him as he throws his head back and issues his own moan.

The sport goes on, with him switching every once in awhile so that he can touch and lick every inch, both inside and outside. The urgency builds and changes the energy in the room. Suddenly, with two screams that shake the room, it’s over. Both shudder and collapse, as I sit, my eyes gleaming with a small smile on my face, in the chair where I’ve sat the entire time, watching my husband pleasure another woman.

You too can enter the contest! Just head here.


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