Friday Freewrite

8 Feb

I forgot to do it last week, but I remembered this week! It’s the Friday Freewrite hosted over at Finn’s. You write for 5 minutes without fixing anything and without thinking about what you’re writing.

So tonight I’m heading with my mother about an hour and a half away. We’re going to see a “psychic” – well, she’s not raelly a psychic, moreofa medium, I guess. Why am I going? I do believe that there are some pepole who can communicate with the dead, but I’m not sure if this woman is one of them. I tend to think that people who can recieve “messages” are those that stay or, rather, keep their thoughts to themselves. I KNOW that ghosts exist – when i worked at the radio statino I remember feeling someones presence, and trust me, he was not happy that I was there. I’m sitting on the couch right now, though, with Babygirl, who’s watching Barbie as the Island Princess and is playing the gameboy at the same time. Apparently she’s going to be just like her mother – multi-tasking LOL. Scott and I had a huge problem this week, and I wasn’t sure if we were goign to end, or not. Fortunately we made it through. I honestlyu don’t know how I’d do as a single mother, and I know that I don’t want to put my kids through a divorce. It’s a bit easier when they’re younger, but I know, from experienc, that being a child of a divorced home can be tricky, especially if the parents don’t get along. And, trust me, mine DON’T. My father thinks my mother’s a cold-blooded bitch and my mother thinmks my sperm-donor is a worthless dickhead. In some respects, they’re both right. My mother isn’t really cold blooded, but she does have a hard time expressing her emotions. She’s one of those women who can’t hug or touch easily, and I didn’t recieve much hugging or touching when I was little, so it’s like I crave it now. Poor Scott! I’m buried in work, and I’ve gotta try to ctach up this morning before Scott gets home -they changed his hours and he’ll be home at noon on Fridays for awhile…until they change them again. He passed out late last night, so I’m worried he’ll fasll asleep when he’s home with the kiddos tonight. He’d better not!!

Here’s the list of everyone playing:

The Absurdist


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