The medium

9 Feb

I went to see a Medium last night. No, not THAT Medium (I’ve never even watched the show) – a medium in our local area. She was doing a specific number of shows (which all sold out), and my mom bought a ticket and we went. It was awesome to spend time with my mom – we did a bit of shopping, had some great food, and spent some good time together.

Now, I have to admit, I went into the medium show skeptical. I believe that there are those who can connect with the dead, but I think that most of them keep their gifts to themselves.

Within five minutes, however, I had a feeling that this woman was the real deal. She knew things that no one could have known. And she didn’t just say “someone in this area who has a family member that starts with s…” – she had people raise their hands and ask a question, which she did her best to answer. It could be questions about almost anything, from your life to your passed loved ones. A few things cemented my belief in her – such as when a skeptic explained that his wife had passed ten years ago and wondered if he had been making the right decisions lately. She looked at him and told him that he wasn’t, that he was ignoring things, which is why his lower back hurt. He looked shocked and laughed and said, “well, you got me there.”

I didn’t get my question answered during the show, but you could hang around afterwards, if you wanted, and she would answer one question per person. My mother had no problem waiting for me and hung around near the back of the room. 45 minutes later (I was fairly far up in the line – there were tons of people behind me), I got to ask a question.

“I was going to ask about my grandmother, who passed almost a year ago, but I have this feeling that I have to ask about my husband. He has had a very difficult time since his mother passed away and I need to know how I can help him.”

She asked my husband’s name and asked his mother’s name and then, looking down, asked, “who calls him Scotty?”

This is the tricky part – Scott is adopted, and his biological mother calls him Scotty all the time, but his MOM called him Scotty every once in awhile too.

She looked at me and said, “He feels a lot of guilt over her passing – like he wasn’t doing what he was supposed to be doing or he wasn’t there for her. He wants to make them proud – she wasn’t a woman who gave many ‘atta-boy’s’ – so he still feels the need to make them proud of him and to do what’s right. He has a strong sense that he has to do what’s right. He keeps moving and pushing himself forwards, because if he keeps himself busy, he doesn’t have to face the pain. He needs to stop human-doing and start human-being.”

“I think he feels bad because we weren’t there,” I said. “They called us and he said we’d be there in a few hours and she passed when we weren’t there.”

“If you would’ve gone, she would’ve passed before you got there. She knew he couldn’t handle watching her die.”

At this point I’m kind of shocked – all I’d told her was that he was having a hard time with it…how does she know that he pushes himself? She could’ve said he was depressed or that he was sad – almost anything except this and I would’ve thought she was just feeding me a line. She then looked at me and said, “He’s been getting headaches. Right here in the back – they’re from the guilt and the stress…tension.”

Then she looked at me and smiled. “You’re very good for him. You’re very, very good for him. You can help him along, but you can’t make it happen. And that’s your lesson to learn.”

I told Scott the whole story this morning – he started crying.

Now, I believe that some people wait for other family members to get there, or for everyone to leave, before they die. But I never quite connected this with Scott and his mom, because there were other people there. His sisters where there, ect. But then again, one of his sisters needs to see things with her own eyes before she’ll believe them, and another is very sturdy and needs to support the first. The medium had nailed it.
Do I believe? I’m not quite sure I’m ready to go out and proclaim that we all need to visit a medium, but I was touched, surprised, and was made to feel by this woman, so I guess I’m on the road…

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