Our Latest Decision

14 Feb

Wanna see what our latest decision is? A decision that we made united and had researched for a long time? Meet our newest babies…

How adorable are they?! They are a Husky/Malamute mix. They are going to be ten weeks old on Saturday and we are picking them up on…Saturday! They are currently living in Maine with their mom and are the last two of the litter (a litter of 5 – they’re keeping , one and the other two are already adopted) and are SO BEAUTIFUL!!

I have always wanted a husky, and Scott loves big dogs. These two will be our newest animal additions and, for a long time, our LAST additions. We only wanted one…then we thought about two but went back to one. The owner then said that he was hesitant to separate them because they’ve been together now for a few weeks alone, he then dropped the price amazingly low as an incentive to keep them together. We’re human – we bit.

So on Saturday we’ve gotta drive three hours to MAINE in order to bring them home. It’s gonna be a LOOONNNGG day. We’re hoping to leave the kiddos here with a babysitter, but haven’t found one yet. If they go with us, it’ll be an even LONGER trip!

So what do you think of my new babies (even though they’re not home yet)? Scott wants to name them Toka and Razar (they’re both boys). You think? Any other name suggestions?


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